SINET CISO/Risk Executive Session

A Look into the Near-Future: Symbiosis Between Venture Capital Firms, CISOs & CxOs

Tuesday March 22, 2022

There are very limited ways to get a glimpse of future technology and threat: Work for an Advanced Persistent Threat (who are often 2-10 years ahead of defenders), or Work for a Venture Capital company (who are investing in the companies that will produce the defensive solutions for that timeframe). Since executive leaders and CISOs do not frequently have those backgrounds or clearances, there is good reason for both: 1) look for signals from the US or allied national security community, and; 2) engage with venture capital companies to understand what’s on the horizon (and in some cases, help shape the pipeline).
Join this session as our group of CxO and VC thought leaders discuss:

  • How VC’s make decisions on what to invest in
  • The types of technologies in incubation and developed in current investment funds
  • Opportunities to hear about, and, importantly, shape, the capabilities that will soon become available to solve security priorities or increase efficiency & effectiveness

Robert Rodriguez
Chairman & Founder

Guest Speaker
Phillip Quade

Phillip Quade
Chief Operating Officer
Evolution Equity

Guest Speaker
alex attumalil

Alex Attumalil
Deputy CISO
Under Armour