SINET Impact Award

SINET Impact Award

Established in 2018, the SINET Impact Award was created to recognize a Cybersecurity professional who has dedicated their professional life to creating and building a successful community and contributing to the growth and success of the Cybersecurity industry globally. Recipients of the annual award are instrumental in the formation and growth of the Cybersecurity ecosystem and have consistently set high-performance standards for the industry as a whole.

Each year, SINET founders Robert and Heather Rodriguez honor the recipient of the award with a $10,000 donation to the charity of their choice and challenge the SINET Community to pay it forward and match the gift. The below executives are recipients of this Award:

aaron hughes 300x300

Aaron Hughes
GVP and Chief Information Security Officer
Albertsons Companies
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Routh, Jim Photo

Jim Routh

Chief Information Security Officer
The Charity of their choice
St. Jude Hospital
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Phil Venables

Phil Venables
Vice President, Google & Chief Information Security Officer
Google Cloud
The Charity of their choice


Jerry Archer
Senior VP & Chief Security Officer
Sallie Mae
The Charity of their choice
GW (Mount Vernon Campus) Women’s Leadership Program in honor of KT and Jerry Archer