Membership Program

SINET is the premier association that promotes collaboration within the Cybersecurity community to further business growth and effective security solutions. Our passion and purpose is to promote Cybersecurity innovation, enhance awareness and interactions of early stage and emerging solution providers with Industry, Government and Investors. The SINET Membership Program helps foster critical relationships across the global security community. Our members are part of a trusted network of esteemed security professionals who share their experience, skills, knowledge and expertise to improve our collective security capability around the world.

As an active SINET member, you are helping to support our mission of building a cohesive, global Cybersecurity community. We are a dynamic association where ideas can be shared in a trusted environment thus accelerating innovation through ongoing collaboration.  Membership activities focus directly on initiating and strengthening relationships, building a community of interest and trust, providing continuous education on industry trends, and sharing knowledge about best practices and emerging threats.

Who Should Join

Take networking to the next level, at SINET there is something for everybody.

Investors – Enhance your opportunity to discover your next investment opportunity by meeting some of the world’s brilliant minds that are bringing innovative services and products to market.

Solution Providers – Meet Private Equity, Angel and Venture Capital investors as well as industry and Government buyers who are looking for the next cutting edge Cybersecurity solutions.

Corporate Buyers – SINET is well known for bringing the most innovative global Cybersecurity companies together in one setting. Learn and meet the executives from the most innovative solution providers in the marketplace.

Researchers – Connect with industry and government research partners who can assist with grant or collaborative funding opportunities that will help accelerate your ideas.

Become a SINET Member and help support programs that contribute to our mission of accelerating business and innovation in Cybersecurity.

Connect and meet with senior level executives from:

  • Private Industry
  • US Government
  • Foreign Governments
  • System Integrators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators
  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banking
  • Science
  • Academia
  • Policy
  • Law

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