SINET61 2019


2018 Agenda (2019 To Be Announced)

Day 1 – July 31

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM – 8:35 AM

Welcome Remarks by Master of Ceremonies
Rick Geritz,
Chief Executive Officer, LifeJourney

8:35 AM – 8:40 AM

Opening Remarks
Robert D. Rodriguez, Chairman & Founder, SINET

8:40 AM – 8:55 AM

Opening Keynote

The Hon Angus Taylor MP, Minister for Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity

8:55 AM – 9:10 AM

Keynote Address

Mike Burgess, Director-General, Australian Signals Directorate

Topic: Cyber Security – A Poacher & Gamekeeper Perspective

9:10 AM – 9:50 AM

Closing the Gap Between Buyers and Entrepreneurs – Moving From A CISO’s Nice to Have List – To A Need To Have

Abstract:  I have a dollar, I need 20 solutions but have budget for 5. How do entrepreneurs move from the nice to have list to the need to have? CISOs are barraged with an overload of solution providers and it is difficult to filter through all the noise, what is real and what is not. Learn how CISOs prioritize, early adopt, hear what types of solutions are important to them and what styles of salesmanship works and what does not and how a company’s culture is an important part of this equation. These panelists will discuss how they approach vendor meetings and how they challenge these companies to articulate ROI, value and to why they should care.

Mohan Koo, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Dtex Systems

Catherine Buehler, Chief Information Security Officer, BlueScope
Ivana Kvesic,
Head of Innovation and Culture, Information Security Office, Auspost
Stuart Mort, Chief Technology Officer-Cyber Security, Optus Business
Craig Templeton, Chief Information Security Officer, REA Group

9:50 AM – 10:05 AM

SINET Thinks Forward with Dr Tobias Feakin, Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs

Topic:  Promoting International Peace and Stability in Cyberspace

10:05 AM – 10:20 AM


10:20 AM – 11:00 AM

How The Digital Transformation and Physical Convergence Is Impacting the 21st Century Security Professional

Abstract:  Businesses are increasingly becoming inherently digital, raising the visibility of information security to the Board level.  At the same time, this digital infrastructure rides on a physical infrastructure that is subject to weather, geo-political and other impacts.  Digital transformation of the enterprise has increased the breadth and complexity of threats, vulnerabilities and impacts and require a new approach to understand those risks holistically across all business lines.  The panel will discuss the potential disconnects between digital and physical risks, and the opportunities for collaboration between the CSO and the CISO to better manage these risks enterprise wide.

Nick Scott, Head of Security Acceleration, National Australia Bank

Darren Kane,
Chief Security Officer, NBN Australia
Jeff Paine
, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, ResponSight
Rob Wilson,  Chief Technology Officer, Westpac

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM

What Are the Next Generation of Cyber Threats on the Horizon?

Abstract: Mirai malware, WannaCry ransomware, information warfare, destruction and manipulation of data, Foreign Government tampering: these are just some of the cybersecurity issues of the recent past.  But what lies ahead? This panel of cyber professionals will discuss what they see as the serious threats ahead.

Martin Littlewood, Head of Cyber Security, SecurePay

Yuval Illuz, EGM-Chief Information Security & Trust Officer, Commonwealth Bank
Berin Lautenbach, Chief Information Security Officer, Asia Pacific, Telstra
Tom Uren, Fellow, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Matthew Wilson,
Chief Executive Officer, Penten

11:40 AM – 12:20 PM 

What Do Security Professionals Want Regulators to Know How They Manage Risk, Governance and Compliance Concerns In The Cloud Environment

Abstract: Cloud computing is defined by its utility on-demand multi-tenanted nature which has traditionally provided concerns for regulators and assurance conscious industries at technological, people and process levels. As the sophistication of IaaS operators, users and regulators matures, so does the move towards traditional assurance risk-based models and away from definitive compliance frameworks which are increasingly no longer fit for purpose in a digital world. This panel will examine key issues around concerns in the design and use of cloud computing and the ability of all stakeholders to understand and address risk in a world that demands rapid change.

Scott Wilkie, Co-Founder & Director, AUCloud

Cathie Armour, Commissioner, Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Cameron Boardman, Chief Executive Officer, auDA

Clive Reeves, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer,  Asia Pacific, Telstra
Ben Walker
, Head of Data and Security, Garrison Health Solutions – Medibank

12:20 PM – 12:40 PM

Entrepreneur Presentations

12:40 PM – 1:40 PM


1:40 PM – 2:20 PM

The Australian Cyber Ecosystem – Where to Next for Innovative Founders?

Australia’s cyber security ecosystem is rapidly growing, including through the work of AustCyber and its partnerships with SINET, Austrade, Growth Centres and others. Where are founders at in this journey and where to next? What are their views on signals of ecosystem maturity and what more does Australia need to do to be a model for accelerated Indo Pacific industry growth?

Cheryl GeorgeGroup Leader, Government and Stakeholder Relationships, Data61/CSIRO

Dr. Daniel Potts, Chief Executive Officer, COG Systems
Craig Searle, Co-Founder, Hivint
Vikram Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, QuintessenceLabs
Peter Woollacott, Chief Executive Officer, Huntsman Security 

2:20 PM – 2:40 PM 

SINET Thinks Forward with John Paitaridis, Managing Director, Optus Business

Topic:  Cyber Security CRC – Why it is Needed, and What it Aims to Do

Abstract: Optus is one of the primary industry participant of the newly established Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre. John will discuss the mission of the Centre: to contribute to the development of a stronger national cyber security capability as envisaged in the Government’s national Cyber Security Strategy. Our economic well-being requires Australia to be a safe place in which Australians can operate online: doing business, exchanging and accessing information and conducting normal social intercourse. The best solution is to cooperate to develop the skilled people and the new technologies and services required to counter present and future cyber security threats and bring together participants from industry, academia and government to increase our national cyber security resilience.

2:40 PM – 3:00 PM


3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Breach Notification, The Aftermath: Response, Recovery, And Building A Robust Incident Response & Resiliency Program

Abstract: There is much discussion about Australia’s mandatory data breach notification legislation, started in early 2018. This panel’s discussion will revolve around some of the questions: Did organisations prepare well and they are in scope? Are companies worried about breach notification in Australia?  Will commissioner fines make a difference? When does a company call in the government? In the future, will business competitive advantage be dependent upon trust in the cyber domain?

Rachael Falk, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Security Research Institute

Steven Ingram, Partner, Asia Pacific Cyber Lead, PwC Australia
Chris Mohan, General Manager, Security Controls & Threat Research and Intelligence Telstra
John O’Driscoll, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria
Michael Warnock, Country Manager, Aura Information Security
Charlotte Wood, a/g Director Cyber Security Operations, New South Wales Government

3:45 PM – 4:25 PM

The Cybersecurity, AI & Machine Learning Investment Landscape: A Venture Capitalist Perspective

Abstract: AI and Machine Learning are two of the hottest (and hyped) topics in both the general media and technology community.  For instance, some have described AI as the ‘new black’ in the sense that many are positioning themselves as an AI company.  What are some of the unique investment risks inherent to each of these enabling technologies? Where are most promising investment opportunities and areas of greatest growth?  How can policy and regulation be most helpful in shaping the market? What can we expect from the large security vendors? From this panel of leading investors, we’ll get a look into strategies you can use to both pick winners and deliver value to your enterprise.

Topaz Conway, Chair SBE Australia; Director with Cicada Innovations, StartupAUS

Bill Bartee, General Partner, Main Sequence Ventures
James Cameron
, Partner, AirTree Ventures
Belinda Cooney, Division Director, Macquarie Capital

4:25 PM – 5:10 PM

How Do We Manage 3rd Party Vendor Risk Management in a Super Connected World

Abstract: According to the World Economic Forum, cyber risk is viewed by the wider risk community as the risk most likely to intensify in 2018 and arguably one of the top three issues keeping both CISOs and business leaders up at night. With adversaries continually adopting new tactics, techniques, and procedures, it is challenging to truly “see” the many risk factors that can put corporations’ fortunes, futures and reputations at stake. While it is impossible to completely eliminate risk, CISOs, business executives, and board members are working diligently to expand risk visibility and adopt governance models to demonstrate their preparedness to management. These panelists will explore strategies CISOs can apply to establish visibility and governance models that enhance third party risk management within their supply chains. They will also provide insights how CISOs can expand the effectiveness of their cyber risk management programs.

Yvette Lejins, Head of Cyber Security, Jetstar Group

Lynwen Connick, Chief Information Security Officer, ANZ Bank
Kristin Lyons, Chief Information Security Officer, Australia Post
Samantha MacLeod, Chief Information Security Officer, AGL Energy

Siva Sivasubramanian, Chief Information Security Officer,  OPTUS

5:10 PM – 5:40 PM

Australia’s Future Cyber Professionals; A Student Perspective

Abstract: It’s time to hear from future cyber professionals. As the public and private sector make repeated pleas for cyber talent, how do we engage the next-generation to consider these career pathways? This panel will feature a cross-section of students at different stages of their education who are currently on a pathway towards a cyber security career.

Amy Roberts, Assistant Director, Learning & Development, Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australian Signals Directorate

Emily Pendlebury
, Bachelor of Cyber Security Student, La Trobe University
Jessica Cruz, Bachelor of Software Engineering, RMIT University
Gary Zhang, Year 11 Student, Mount Waverley Secondary College
Trent Mitchell, Year 10 Student, Berwick Grammar School
Tate Clinton, Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security Student, Box Hill Institute

Day 2 – August 1st

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM – 8:35 AM

Welcome Remarks

Robert D. Rodriguez, Chairman & Founder, SINET

8:35 AM – 8:50 AM

Opening Keynote

Alastair MacGibbon, Deputy Secretary & National Cyber Security Advisor, Australian Department of Home Affairs & Head, Australian Cyber Security Centre, Australian Signals Directorate

8:50 AM – 9:30 AM

Ransomware, Should Companies Pay? How Do We Reduce Risk In This Domain?

Abstract: Malicious cyber activities have the potential to seriously harm not just an organisation’s business and reputation, but also to compromise a nation’s security, stability and prosperity. The number of incidents has spiked in recent years, as perpetrators aggressively exploit flaws in digital infrastructure.

Researchers are predicting the coming onslaught of ransomware and inherently insecure IOT devices is a formula for the perfect storm. Is this formula theoretical and if so, what measures can we implement to mitigate risk to systems? Is it possible to make the attackers’ return on investment so costly they will move elsewhere? Should companies be liable for the damage?  Should victims acquiesce to extortion demands and what type of improvements and policies must be implemented? Will we ever be able to adequately protect our citizens?

Professor David Lacey,
Managing Director, IDCARE & Professor of Cyber Security, USC

Allan Burdekin, Chief Operating Officer, Forticode
Brian Fletcher, Director, Government Affairs APAC, Symantec
Steve Hodgkinson,
Chief Information Officer, Dept of Health & Human Services

9:30 AM – 10:15 AM

Leveraging AI & Automation in Cybersecurity In Order To Advance The Security Field – The Good & The Bad

Abstract: We are poised at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, this one powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.  In the past several years, we have seen rapid advances in AI technology, driven in large part by deep neural networks. Machines have bested humans in a variety of games, including chess, Jeopardy, Go, and poker, and are now being applied to help solve a wide variety of practical problems, such as health care, finance, transportation and on national security and critical infrastructure protection. As AI improves, machines will be capable of handling more sophisticated tasks in more complex environments, sometimes aiding human decision-making and sometimes operating autonomously.
Past industrial revolutions led to changes in the balance of power between nations and even the fundamental building blocks of power, with coal- and steel-producing nations benefiting and oil becoming a global strategic resource. The AI revolution has similar potential to shift power globally among nation-states and private actors. Hear how these professionals are leveraging AI & machine learning to detect & prevent intrusions and protect networks and their vision of where AI will take us, both the good and the bad.

Adrian Turner, Chief Executive Officer, Data61/CSIRO

Min Livanidis, Head of Security Intelligence and Behavioural Insights, NBN
Richard Nock, Senior Principal Researcher, Data61
Simon Ractliffe, Head of CyberSecurity, Singtel Optus
Alex Zelinsky, Chief Defence Scientist, DST Group

10:15 AM – 10:30 AM


10:30 AM – 11:15 AM 

Unleashing Industry Growth Centers: Accelerating Innovation by Connecting Global Clusters of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Buyers

Abstract: The Australian Government’s A$250 million Industry Growth Centres Initiative aims at tapping new sources of economic growth by maximising Australia’s competitive advantage in six knowledge-driven, high value sectors. They are improving commercialisation pathways and link great solutions with global supply chains, while enhancing workforce skills and shaping regulatory reform. What is the role of cyber security in these growth sectors? How can the work of the cyber security Growth Centre, the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber), leverage the other Growth Centres to help grow a vibrant cyber security sector as a means to also uplift the cyber maturity of the Australian economy?

Michelle Price, Chief Executive Officer, Aust Cyber

Dr. Dan Grant, Chief Executive Officer, MTPConnect
Ric Gros,
Chief Executive Officer, METS Ignited Australia Ltd
Mirjana Prica, Managing Director, Food Innovation Australia Ltd
Miranda Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, NERA
Sam Wong, Director, Cyber Security Maturity – Centre for Defence Industry Capability

11:15 AM – 12:00 PM 

Job Skills and Workforce Development: What Are We Doing to Meet Current and Future Demands?

Abstract: Australia will likely need around 11,000 additional technical cyber security workers over the next decade, just to meet the industry’s ‘business-as-usual’ demand forecasts. No data currently exists on the expected demand for non technical cyber security roles. Against this, Australia is expected to lose several thousand cyber security professionals over the next decade, either due to retirement or to employment overseas. This panel will look at some of the key issues around the cyber security workforce and ask: How can we make better use of our existing talent as we develop education programs to produce more cyber security professionals? What are some of the key skills that employers should be looking for in their workforce?

Dayle Stevens, Divisional Chief Information Officer, AGL Energy

Andrew Eddy, Director, Untapped Group
Stewart Humphreys-Grey
, Executive Director, Boxhill
Michelle Mosey, Head Cyber Learning, WYWM Cyber
Claire Naughtin, Senior Research Consultant, Data61
John Paitaridis, Managing Director, Optus Business, OPTUS

12:00 PM – 12:45 PM 

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: What Are The Policies, Solutions And Models Needed To Protect Our Systems?

Abstract: Protecting critical infrastructure is a top priority of nations and the cyber industry globally, but what are the policies, solutions and models that are necessary in Australia?  This panel will give their perspectives on how business sectors, states, and the national government can protect Australia’s critical infrastructure.

Jill Slay, Optus Chair of Cyber Security, La Trobe University, Melbourne

Garry Bentlin, Chief Information Security Officer, TransGrid
Gai Brodtmann, Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security and Defence
Tim Daly, Chief Security Officer, Australian Energy Market Operator
Anthony Kitzelmann,
Chief Information Security Office, Australian Digital Health Agency

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

SINET Connects: Networking Luncheon

Maximize this 60-minute luncheon by sitting down in an informal and intimate setting with distinguished security thought leaders and experts.
See SINET61 Table Hosts for a complete listing of hosts and their topics for discussion.

1:45 PM – 2:25 PM

Customer Consent and Privacy & Where Does This Sit Within Cybersecurity & Social Media

Abstract: The rise of the internet, mobile networks, and social media networks has made privacy a daily concern for users.  Because of this, companies need to abide by new rules to protect the privacy of individuals. This panel will discuss General Data Protection Regulation and how Australian businesses are handling customer consent and privacy in cybersecurity.

Rachael Falk, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Security Research Institute

Dali Kaafar, Leader Information Security and Privacy, Data61
Dr. Maria Milosavljevic, Chief Information Security Officer, New South Wales Government
Dr. Lesley Seebeck, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Institute, Australian National University
Alexandra Wedutenko, Partner, Clayton Utz

2:25 PM – 2:45 PM 

SINET Thinks Forward with  Genevieve Bell, Professor, The Australian National University

Topic: Being Human in the Age of AI

2:45 PM – 3:30 PM 

What Models Are Working In The Commercialization of IT Research

Abstract: The path to commercialisation is often described as a ‘walk in the valley of death’ as companies burn what little cash they have available to find their first customer and earn revenue. With patient-enough angel and venture capital relatively hard to come by, what are some of the uniquely Australian characteristics of this phase that organizations deal with or observe in the market? This panel will discuss the models being used for successful commercialisation and the how Australian organizations deal with the challenges along the way.

Kate Lundy, Board Member, CRC

Professor Elanor Huntington, Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science, ANU
Christopher Leckie, Professor, Computing & Information Systems, The University of Melbourne
Dr. Sanjay Mazumdar, Chief Executive Officer, Data to Decisions CRC
Jane Polak Scowcroft, Head of Product, Data61

3:30 PM – 3:50 PM


3:50 PM – 4:35 PM 

Cyber Security APAC Export Opportunities and Barriers and How This Contributes to a Global Ecosystem

Abstract: Australian cyber businesses want to grow their businesses globally, and this panel will provide some inspiration and motivation.  The panel will discuss areas such as: Trade missions, landing pad cohorts, government programs, international market projections, and global opportunities, as well as share some of their own experiences in the international marketplace.

Moderator: Damien Manuel, Director Centre for Cyber Security at Deakin University and President, Australian Information Security Association

Sally Bird, Senior Trade Advisor, Cyber Security, Austrade
Greg Crowther, Business Manager & Investor, Kasada
Scott Handsaker, Chief Executive Officer, Cyrise
Craig McDonald, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MailGuard

4:35 PM – 5:10 PM

From A BOD Perspective: What Keeps You Up At Night And How Can Corporations Stay Competitive In The 21St Century

Abstract: As cyber challenges arise, it is ultimately up to the Board of Directors to make sure their organization is taking the necessary steps to manage the challenges appropriately, and with this comes great responsibility. This panel will discuss the challenges that keep the Board up at night, as well as what they are doing to stay competitive in the current global business environment.

Robert D. Rodriguez, Chairman & Founder, SINET

Bernard Berson, Chief Executive Officer, Bidcorp
Geoff Levy, AO, Chairman, Monash Private Capital
Michael Stiassny, Chairman, Vector Limited 

5:10 PM – 5:25 PM

Closing Keynote

5:25 PM – 5:30 PM

Closing Remarks
Robert Rodriguez,
Chairman & Founder, SINET

5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

SINET Connects Networking Reception

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