Innovation Summit 2020


2019 Keynote Speaker

Evans, Karen

Karen Evans
Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response
US Department of Energy

2019 Speakers (2020 To Be Announced)

Altman, william photo web

William Altman
Senior Intelligence Analyst, Cybersecurity
CB Insights

Biestman, Robert

Robert Biestman
Team Lead, Cyber Mission Center Private Sector Outreach
US Department of Homeland Security

Boden, Pete Photo

Pete Boden
General Manager of Security Intelligence and Engineering


Geoffrey Brown
Chief Information Security Officer
City of New York

Buckner, jennifer Photo

Brigadier General Jennifer G. Buckner
Director of Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Information Operations
United States Army

Carlsten, Nadia

Nadia Carlsten, Ph.D.

Cama, cynthia photo

Cynthia Cama
Assistant Vice President
Chief Security Officer

chang, brian photo

Brian Chang
Managing Director
Warburg Pincus LLC

Anthony Daogostino

Anthony Dagostino
Global Head of Cyber Risk
Willis Towers Watson

Dixit, Sameer Photo web

Sameer Dixit
Vice President, Security Consulting
Spirent Communications

Feyerick, Deborah NEW photo

Deborah Feyerick
CNN National Correspondent (ret)

Fletcher, Adam

Adam Fletcher
Chief Information Security Officer
The Blackstone Group

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Patrick Ford
Chief Information Security Officer, Americas Region
Schneider Electric


Suzanne Frey
Vice President, Engineering
Google Cloud

gelbord, boaz photo

Boaz Gelbord
Chief Information Security Officer
Dun & Bradstreet

Geritz, Rick

Rick Geritz
Chief Executive Officer

Ghai, Rohit

Rohit Ghai
RSA Security

Gouldmann, Peter

Peter Gouldmann
Enterprise Risk Officer-Cyber
US Department of State

Gupta, Durgesh

Durgesh Gupta
Global Head of Database and Infrastructure Program Management

Gupta, Manish

Manish Gupta
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Guttman, Renee Photo

Renee Guttmann
Chief Information Security Officer
Campbell Soup Company

Hara, Moriah photo

Moriah Hara
CISO Advisory Board

Hatfield, Mark

Mark Hatfield
Founder & General Partner
Ten Eleven Ventures

Henry, Shawn

Shawn Henry
President, Services Division & Chief Security Officer


Jamie Herman
Chief Information Security Officer
Geller & Company

Hetner, Christopher

Chris Hetner
Managing Director
Marsh Risk Consulting

Jiang, henry photo

Henry Jiang
Chief Information Security Officer
Diligent Corporation

Johnson, Michael

Michael Johnson
Senior VP & Chief Information Security Officer
Capital One

Keeffe, Emmet

Emmet Keeffe III
Founder, Insight IGNITE
Operating Partner
Insight Partners

Khalfan, Shaun

Shaun Khalfan
Vice President Information Security
Freddie Mac

Klimavicz, Joseph Photo

Joseph Klimavicz
Deputy Assistant Attorney General for IRM & Chief Information Officer
US Department of Justice

Krane, Thomas

Thomas Krane
Vice President
Insight Partners

Kvochko, Elena

Elena Kvochko
Chief Operating Officer, Cybersecurity Technologies
Bank of America

Lieber, Kurt

Kurt Lieber
VP & Chief Information Security Officer

Martinez, Pablo

Pablo Martinez
Head of Cyber Operations
Fidelity Investments

Meece, Jasen

Jasen Meece
Chief Revenue Officer

Muoio, Pat

Pat Muoio
Sinewave Ventures

Narine, Ranji

Ranji Narine
Head of Cloud

Opet, William Patrick Photo

W. Patrick Opet
Managing Director, Head of Technology, Cybersecurity & Technology Controls
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Redy, Conan

Conan Reidy
Senior VP, Corporate Development & Technology Alliances
Rapid 7

Rice, Alex

Alex Rice
Chief Technology Officer

Photographer Mantas Kubilinskas

Robert Rodriguez
Chairman & Founder

Rogers, Steven Photo web

Steven Rogers
Chief Executive Officer
Centripetal Networks

Rosenblatt, Lauren Dan photo

Lauren Dana Rosenblatt
Executive Director, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
The Estee Lauder Companies

Royster, Kristin photo

Kristin Royster
Senior Vice President, GIS External Engagement
Bank of America

Rushing, Richard

Richard Rushing
Chief Information Security Officer
Motorola Mobility

Schwien, Fred

Fred Schwien
Director of Homeland Security Programs & Strategy
The Boeing Company

Shakarian, Paulo Photo

Paulo Shakarian, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Sim, Ed

Ed Sim
Founder & Managing Partner
BoldStart Ventures

Singh, Bobby

Bobby Singh
CISO & Global Head of Infrastructure Services
Toronto Stock Exchange

Skule, Joshua web

Joshua Skule
Executive Assistant Director
Federal Bureau of Investigations

Stabiner, Josh

Josh Stabiner
Chief  Information Security Officer
General Atlantic

Stender, David

David Stender
Senior VP & Chief Security Officer
M&T Bank

Sweet, Chad

Chad Sweet
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Chertoff Group

Titus, Patricial photo

Patricia Titus
Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer
Markel Corporation

Trivedi, Sid

Siddhant Trivedi
Foundation Capital

Turskey, Shawn photo new

Shawn Turskey
Sr Executive Representative to the Department of Homeland Security
National Security Agency

Vadala, Derek

Derek Vadala
Global Head of MIS Cyber Risk Group

White, Brian

Brian White
DBO Partners

Zangardi, John

Dr. John Zangardi
Chief Information Officer
US Department of Homeland Security

Zhu, Xinping

Xinping Zhu
Vice President, Legal & Compliance
Morgan Stanley

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