As the co-founder of a cyber security start-up, I strongly endorse SINET's innovation through collaboration model. The opportunity and access that SINET provides to interact with, and learn from thought leaders throughout government, academia and the enterprise is truly unparalleled and very much appreciated.

David Lowenstein
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Federated Networks

SINET Community Overview

SINET is recognized for building communities of interest and trust, connecting leaders in government and industry with builders, buyers, researchers and investors across the global security domain, and sharing vital information and thought leadership to build a more cohesive, effective global Cybersecurity community. SINET offers differentiation and value-add service to this community by exploring open innovation models, embracing collaboration and reinvigorating global private-public partnerships.

Join our community to participate in our mutually beneficial, trust-based approach that connects the ecosystem of the entrepreneur through collaborative relationships, increases business opportunities and advances Cybersecurity innovation.


  • Thought leadership and knowledge transfer that leads to the identification and sharing of "best of class" Cybersecurity solutions
  • Forums, symposiums and online resources that enhance education and awareness across company, organization and agency boundaries
  • Dialogue that helps bridge the gap between Silicon Valley, the Beltway, Wall Street and our international allies


  • Participate as a communal voice of innovation and collaboration within this community of Cybersecurity builders, buyers, investors and researchers
  • Network and collaborate with government and industry thought leaders who are leading the Cybersecurity initiative to protect our nation and the world
  • Be one of the first to hear about important upcoming events, programs and areas of interests
  • Read and participate in SINET blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter feeds and other discussion forums
  • Obtain perspectives on up-to-date news covering the most important topics within the Cybersecurity domain
  • Share and access our growing resource of articles, documents, blogposts, podcasts, presentations, videos, whitepapers and other communications
  • Gain access to Federal Government grants available on the most important topics within the Cybersecurity domain

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