SINET CISO/Risk Executive Session

Important Briefing on Industry Ramifications and Reverberations of the Sullivan Verdict

Wednesday, November 16 2022 at 8:30am – 9:30am PT

The jury verdict of the recent trial of Joe Sullivan prosecuted by the Department of Justice and the FBI has sent shockwaves through the Cybersecurity industry. Future Cybersecurity leaders now have to carefully consider the implications for their personal liability and potential protection prior to accepting a CISO role. Decades of substantial progress in public/private partnership facilitating information sharing between Cybersecurity professionals in the private sector and Federal Government/law enforcement is at risk of suddenly coming to a screeching halt impacting both sides while cybercriminals benefit from the erosion in trust. What should cyber leaders do to protect themselves? How do enterprises navigate the challenges of information sharing while also determining how to meet the legal obligations of sharing incident data? Join industry experts to answer these questions given the legal precedent in place from the trial.

Rodriguez, Robert_153

Robert Rodriguez
Chairman & Founder


Jim Routh
Former CISO, Board Member, Advisor
Investor & Faculty Member

Archer, Jerry

Jerry Archer
SVP, Chief Security Officer
Sallie Mae Bank

mark weatheford web

Mark Weatherford
CSO, and SVP of Regulated Industries
Alert Enterprise

Rob Chestnut

Rob Chestnut
Former Federal Prosecutor & General Counsel