Strategies To Reduce and Auto-Remediate Your Internet Attack Surface

Tuesday October 19, 2021 8:30am-9:30am PT

Billions are being spent to secure company networks and endpoints, but what about the attacks on infrastructures that they do not control? Attacks on a company’s Internet Attack Surface occur via multiple ways, everyday; phishing sites using typosquat domains, fake social media posts promoting scams or emails from look-alike domains onto supply chain vendors. Increasingly, Risk Executives are implementing the benefits of reducing and auto-remediating their Internet Attack Surface by leveraging a combination of AI/deep learning and automation. Scaling is critical to success and is mostly achieved through a holistic platform that combines automated triage, visual and textual content analysis, and electronic integration with hosting companies, registrars, and CDNs.

This webinar will cover data and technologies that can help any enterprise answer fundamental key questions such as:

· How big is this problem and why should you care?
· How big is your Internet Attack Surface, and how do you measure it?
· What are the right strategies to reduce and remediate your Internet Attack Surface?
· How can you automate the triage and remediation of threat intelligence data?
· What are the right strategies and models to thwart cyber criminals from attacking your employees, customers, and supply chain?

Rodriguez, Robert_153

Robert Rodriguez
Chairman & Founder

Gary Hayslip

Gary Hayslip
Director of Information Security
SoftBank Investment Advisers


Mark Weatherford
Chief Information Security Officer
Alert Enterprise & Chief Strategy Officer,
National Cybersecurity Center

Nick S

Nick Shevelyov
Chief Security Officer
Silicon Valley Bank

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Raj Badhwar
Senior VP &
Global Chief Information Security Officer
Voya Financial

Shashi Prakash

Shashi Prakash
Chief Technology Officer

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Karl Larson
Security Director &
Chief Information Security Officer