SINET61 2019


2018 Table Hosts

Simon Ractliffe, Head of CyberSecurity, Singtel Optus
Topic: What Problems Do We Look To Solve With AI and Machine Learning?

Michelle Price, Chief Executive Officer, Aust Cyber
Disrupting the Procurement Process

Steve Hodgkinson, Chief Information Officer, Department of Health & Human Services
Incident Response Capacity of Cloud Services Providers – How Do You Know How Well Your Cloud Services Provider Will Manage a Major Data Breach Incident? Will Their Management of an Incident Embarrass You?

John Paitaridis, Managing Director, Optus Business
Topic: Cyber Security Partnerships and Collaboration: A Willingness to Share Skills, Connections and Resources is Key

Rachael Falk, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Security Research Institute
Cyber Security Research for Corporates- How Can This Be Done at Network Speed?

Clive Reeves, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Telstra  Asia Pacific
Topic: Transitioning from Alert-Driven to Analytics-Driven Security Monitoring – Is it Making You More or Less Secure?

Sam Wong, Director, Cyber Security Maturity, Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC)
Topic: Solving Cyber Security Problem at Scale for the Small to Medium Enterprises – What are the Commercial, Technical, Cultural Issues and Challenges?

Tim Daly, Chief Security Officer, Australian Energy Market Operator
In the Age of IoT, How Do We Define Critical Infrastructure and What is the Role of Both the Government and the Private Sector in Securing It?

Ric Gros, Chief Executive Officer, METS Ignited Australia Ltd
Topic: What are the critical factors in leveraging the Industry 4.0 across the Australian economy?

Mirjana Prica, Managing Director, Food Innovation Australia Ltd
Topic: Staying Ahead of the Hackers

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