SINET Showcase


Meet Your 2018 Table Hosts (2019 To Be Announced)

Oslan, Greg

Greg Oslan
Commercial Executive, US Dept of Defense, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)
Topic: Where Are the Money and Top Priorities in Cyber in the US Government?

Stender, David

David Stender
Senior VP & Chief Security Officer, M&T Bank
Topic: Is the Hype Around AI Even Worse Than What We Saw With Cloud?


Lauren Dana Rosenblatt
Executive Director, Interim/Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies
Topic: Information Risk and Security Metrics: How to Innovate and Adapt as the Threat/risk Landscape Evolves

Parillo, Tony photo web

Tony Parillo
VP, IT Security, Schnieder Electric
Topic: The Roles of Government and the Private Sector in Securing Critical Infrastructure 

Beeson, James

James Beeson
VP & Chief Information Security Officer, Cigna
Topic: Cyber Insurance – Should This Be Subsidized by the Government, Similar to Flood Insurance, to Make It More Affordable for SMB’s?

Callahan, Tim_153x153

Tim Callahan
Senior VP, Global Chief Security Officer, AFLAC
Topic: The Growing Importance of Machine Identities

Mills, John

John Mills
Director and Senior Partner, CA2 LLC
Topic: What is Your Offering, and What is Your Strategy With that Offering in the Public and the Private Sector?

Purdy Jr., Andy photo

Andy Purdy Jr.
Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies
Topic: Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

Patterson, Tom

Tom Patterson
Chief Trust Officer, Unisys
Topic: The NSTAC’s Cyber Moonshot

simon-gibson new

Simon Gibson
(Former) Chief Information Security Officer, Bloomberg
Identity Access and Identity Service Providers. How Safe is Your Digital Identity From Abuse and Phishing in the Cloud?

Chaillan, Nicolas

Nicolas Chaillan
Senior Advisor, Cloud Security & DevOps, OUSD (A&S), The Pentagon
Topic: Why is the CIO Role Shifting?

Gourley, Bob

Bob Gourley
Topic: Security and Testing of Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Toomer, John

John Toomer
Director, Intelligence, Information and Cyber Systems Defense, Space & Security Group, Government Operations, The Boeing Company
Topic: Small Business Bidding Experiences for Government Contracts

Gilbert, Dennis

Dennis Gilbert
VP & Chief Information Security Officer, Duke Energy
Topic: OT Security – Policy vs. Products

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