The Security Innovation Network
Showcase 2011
National Press Club
Washington DC
October 25 & 26, 2011

Security Innovation Network (SINET) initiatives are designed to advance innovation and enable collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat global Cybersecurity threats. One of our goals is to build a community of interest designed to "Give the Entrepreneurs a Voice..." The SINET Showcase bridges gaps between innovative early stage and emerging IT security solution providers and representatives from the system integration, industry and Federal Government communities. The SINET Showcase is supported by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate and public private sponsorships:

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October 25th: SINET Workshops
October 26th: SINET Showcase

SINET "16" Get Results:

Interviews of CEOS from last year's SINET Showcase indicated that the exposure their companies gained at the SINET Showcase, augmented through SINET press releases and recommendations by SINET to third parties, generated important leads that resulted in sales contracts. These selected companies met channel partners and or technology partners which helped accelerate their penetration in the market. Participation in the process also helped companies to better present their ideas and create solid opportunities.

In addition to DHS S&T, the SINET Showcase works in collaboration with:

  • American Security Challenge (ASC) -The Showcase provides automatic entry into ASC’s second round for three of the SINET "16" presenters. ASC offers awards including pilot contracts with various members of the Defense, Intelligence and Fortune 500 community.
  • Cync Program - Applicants will be considered for admission into the Cync Program. This unique partnership between Northrop Grumman and bwtech@University Maryland Baltimore County is designed to help companies grow and commercialize cyber technology. The Cync program provides early-stage companies rent-free incubation space at the bwtech Research & Technology Park, the credibility of vetting by a senior executive leadership board of industry experts, fundraising opportunities, and cyber-business executive support and mentorship.

                                            Overview of the SINET Showcase

Innovative solutions frequently come from new and small companies. Our goal is to provide global entrepreneurs in the 10 - 15 million dollar revenue range an opportunity to increase their product awareness to a select audience of sophisticated investors, builders, buyers, researchers and investors. However, advanced products from more established companies, or from foreign countries, may also be considered if they meet high-priority security needs & requirements.

SINET Showcase Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of innovative technologies to an audience of buyers, builders, researchers and investors in the Cybersecurity domain.
  • Identify and display sixteen innovative and potentially disruptive Cybersecurity technologies in front of an audience of representatives from the investment, commercial, civilian, defense and intelligence communities.
  • Help match private industry and the Federal Government's most pressing IT security needs and requirements with the companies who are building solutions in these areas.
  • Enhance collaboration between innovation centers such as Austin, Boston, DC Metro area, Illinois, New York, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Silicon Valley with the defense, industrial, intelligence and homeland security base in the Washington, DC community.

The SINET Showcase is intended to not only identify superior product capabilities, but also to help the companies succeed in the marketplace. Accordingly, the SINET Showcase "16" finalists will be provided with a day of complimentary but MANDATORY coaching by professionals on their product presentations. This is designed to ensure their message does not get lost and to help them more effectively convey the importance of:

  • Why customers should care
  • What their technology does
  • What problems they solve
  • How they accomplish their objective

The SINET "16" will have eight minutes to deliver their value proposition and be provided with booths of equal size to host meetings and further discuss their solution with interested parties. The SINET "16" will be included in SINET press releases and marketing material before, during and after the Showcase. The Security Innovation Network will continue to highlight the SINET "16" to major organizations for a period of one year.

SINET Showcase Targeted Audience:

Conference attendees will include representatives from the NSA, DoD, DHS, DNI, Federal Government, system integration, research, investment banking, private industry, venture capital, legal and entrepreneurial communities.

SINET Showcase Process:

  • In preparation for the SINET Showcase, SINET assembles a steering committee; consisting of Cybersecurity leaders from industry, government, venture capital, investment banking & academia
  • The committee works with Federal Agencies and private industry to identify their most critical needs and requirements
  • These needs & requirements are used to help evaluate applicant companies during the vetting process
  • On April 7, 2011, SINET announces that the application process is open to early stage and emerging growth companies to present their solutions
  • On June 10, 2011, the application process to present as one of the SINET "16" closes
  • The showcase steering committee will begin their evaluation of the applicants
  • By September 8, 2011, the final list of applying companies will be notified that they have been selected to present at the SINET Showcase
  • The companies selected will receive free coaching and assistance on their presentation in order to maximize their eight minutes on stage. (In order for the companies to present, they must go through complementary mandatory coaching)
  • Representatives from the SINET "16" companies will have an opportunity to meet with interested parties at their booth during the day and evening reception

SINET Showcase Terms and Conditions

  1. Participation in the SINET Showcase is open to any individual or company that has valuable Cybersecurity concepts or technologies. 
  2. The decision of which companies will be selected to present at the SINET Showcase is entirely at the discretion of the SINET Showcase panel of judges.   SINET will not intervene in the selection process on behalf of clients or sponsors.
  3. The process of selecting the finalists is confidential, and SINET  has no obligation to disclose the reasons why a particular company was selected or rejected.
  4. Applications that are incomplete or contain false information may be rejected at the discretion of SINET.
  5. All information provided in the application process will be treated confidentially and viewed only by representatives of SINET and the panel of judges.  
  6. Information provided in the application process becomes the property of SINET, and SINET may aggregate information for the purposes of analysis to be used in commercial engagements.
Please Click here for the 2011 Showcase PDF.