IT Security Entrepreneurs Forum (ITSEF)

“Bridging the Gap Between Silicon Valley and the Beltway”

Supported by the US Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate

IT Security Entrepreneurs Forum (ITSEF) — SINET's flagship event — is designed to bridge the gap between the Federal Government and private industry. ITSEF provides a venue where entrepreneurs can meet and interact directly with leaders of government, business and the investment community in an open, collaborative environment focused on addressing the Cybersecurity challenge.

SINET is where the business of Cybersecurity takes place. It is the only organization of its kind designed to build communities of interest and trust within the entrepreneur's ecosystem. And ITSEF is the environment that connects the entrepreneur with venture capital, investment banking, academia, science, legal and policy, system integration, business and government agencies, including the intelligence, military and civilian — all in one collegial setting.

The vital connections, networking and information sharing that occurs at ITSEF facilitates trust-based relationships and material deliverables, all for the common mission: to advance innovation, and enable global public and private sector partnership and collaboration to defeat Cybersecurity threats.

Who Should Attend

Cybersecurity professionals from Federal Government, system integrators, private industry, entrepreneurs and innovators, venture capitalists, law firms, investment bankers, academia, science and policy makers.

Enhance Your Role in the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

  • Learn the challenges and needs of the Federal Government, and its future direction
  • Broaden your awareness of existing and emerging solution providers and their innovative technologies
  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with representatives from the Federal Government and industry
  • Discuss potential opportunities with venture capitalists and investment bankers in one-on-one sessions
  • Meet the ecosystem of the entrepreneur — buyers, builders, researchers and investors — all in one setting
  • Be part of the solution and join the SINET global community of interest and trust

SINET's Charter

  • Lead change and foster open innovation and information sharing models
  • Increase awareness of best-of-class technologies, people and diverse organizations
  • Provide collaborative environments that accelerate small and emerging business growth
  • Offer strategic advice on how to build and improve global public-private partnerships
  • Connect global builders, buyers, investors and researchers
  • Lead the advancement of innovation within the Cybersecurity domain